About Us


Creativity Beyond Imagination

In the world of ever changing content business, Macrograph, creative digital contents company, is gearing up to make an indelible global footprint, providing world class VFX/CG services for the entertainment industry, both domestic and international, in gaming and film.

Uncompromising and unforgiving, our strife for excellence is the source of our limitless creative energy as well as the bedrock on which our best-in-class contents are produced.

At Macrograph, highly skilled artists and seasoned VFX supervisors seamlessly work together within optimized pipeline that’s streamlined with our own in-house tools, making it possible to produce the stunning visual effects and special effects that goes beyond anybody’s imagination.

Trailblazer, with our own technological innovations and creative energy we are pioneering new areas of content business where our tireless efforts will reach global audience everywhere.

상상력의 한계를 넘어서는 CREATIVE

변화하는 컨텐츠의 시대에, 세계로 도약을 준비하는 매크로그래프는 Creative Digital Contents를 제작하는 회사로써, 세계 최고 수준의 컴퓨터 그래픽 기술과 특수효과 기술을 국내외 유수의 게임/영화/엔터테이먼트 업계에 제공하고 있습니다.

특히, 작품의 질에 대한 매크로그래프의 타협 없는 극한의 열정과 노력은 뛰어난 기술력과 조화되어 최상의 컨텐츠를 만들어 낼 수 있는 중요한 원동력입니다.

탁월한 인적 자원과 컨텐츠 제작에 최적화된 파이프라인 및 In house Tool을 바탕으로 하여, 상상을 넘어서는 시각효과를 창조해내며, 나아가 Digital Contents를 활용한 새로운 사업영역을 개척하여 컨텐츠 분야에서 세계적인 기업이 되고자 합니다.



A World of Imagination Right before Your Eyes-
Macrograph, a digital contents group, turns imagination into reality.

We all love to imagine.
Macrograph takes this joy and excitement and give them life.
Dreams turned into reality on the big screen,
Fantastical sceneries in ads,
Exploring mysterious worlds in games-
These are just a few things that bring out the passion in us,
And inevitably so they make up the roadmap for Macrograph.
Developing creative digital contents that can be enjoyed by all, it’s the ultimate vision of Macrograph.

가장 즐거운 일, 그것은 상상

매크로그래프는 상상 속의 즐거움을 여러분의 눈 앞에 실현시키고자 합니다.
스크린에 펼쳐지는 놀라운 경험과 광고로 전달되는 환상적인 표현, 무한한 가상현실의 게임 속 세계까지-
여러분의 즐거움을 위하여 매크로그래프도 함께 상상하고 고민합니다.

모두가 경험 할 수 있는 즐거운 Creative Digital Contents의 제작,
이것이 매크로그래프의 Vision입니다.

History and Filmography


These are the steps we have taken at Macrograph. Macro Steps for Macro Future

  • 2008 February
    All VFX shots delivered for The feature film, ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’
  • 2007 November
    The feature flim, ‘The Restless’, wins the Best Technical Achievement Award at Annual Blue Dragon Film Festival
  • 2007 October
    Establishment of Macrowizard Co, a local subsidiary company in Nanjing, China
  • 2007 July
    Signed on the Hollywood feature film:’The Forbidden
  • 2007 June
    The feature film, “The Restless’, wins the Best Visual Effect award at the primary VFX facility
  • 2007 May
    Online game, ‘Silkroad Online’ (Joymax), Game Cinematic sequence production
  • 2007 May
    Macrograph Research and Development Department established
  • 2007 March
    The feature film, ‘The Restless’, is Nominated for the Best Visual Effects at the 1st Asian international Film Festival
  • 2006 December
    Feature film: ‘The Restless’, VFX company
  • 2006 July
    Feature filme: ‘Hanbando’ VFX company
  • 2006 May
    Feature filme: ‘For Horowitz’ VFX company
  • 2003 February
    Digital Actor Team established at ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute) for the research project, “Digital Actor Technologies Developmente”

History and Filmography


매크로그래프가 걸어온 발자취로, 회상하는 과거의 발걸음이 아니라
미래를 향한 오늘을 위해 노력합니다.


  • 2004 ETRI(전자통신연구원) 디지털액터팀 결성
  • 2006 영화 「중천」,「한 반도」Visual effects 제작
  • 2007 Macrograph 법인설립(자본금 : 483백 만원)
  • 2007 기업부설 연구소 설립(인정번호 : 제 20071900호)
  • 2007 영화 「중천」제44회 대종상 영상기술상 수상
  • 2007 할리우드 영화 「The Forbidden Kingdom」 CG 계약
  • 2007 연구소기업 설립승인(과학기술부장관)
  • 2007 유상증자(자본금 : 1,016백 만원)
  • 2007 영화 「중천」제28회 청룡영화제 기술상 수상
  • 2008 문화체육관광부장관 표창장 수여
  • 2010 대덕특구인의 날 지식경제부 장관상 수상
  • 2013 국가연구개발 우수성과 미래부장관상 수상


  • 2008 The Forbidden Kingdom
  • 2010 Bolts & Blip
  • 2011 It’s Great Great World / 부당거래 / 해결사
  • 2011 Cold Steel / 푸른소금 / 모비딕
  • 2012 R2B / 서유기 서유항마전
  • 2013 더 테러라이브 / 조선미녀삼총사
  • 2014 The Monkey King / 명량 회오리 바다 / 종규복마-설요마령
  • 2015 연평해전 / 미인어 / 충칭대폭발

Inside Macrograph

Creative Mind in Organized Body

    • Business and financial management 경영관리실
      Business and financial management
    • Planning & Project Management Department 기획조정실
      (incorporating the Producers Department)
      Project Planning, Project Development, Project Management and Marketing
    • CG Research LAB. 연구소
      In house tools and Programs development
    • Creative VFX Studio 제작 스튜디오
      Concept Arts and Matte Painting Team: Concept Design and Concept Arts,
      Final Look Development, Matte Painting and Key Image
      FX Team: CG FX based on 3D simulation.
      Lighting and Rendering Team: Realizing Visions with 3D Lighting and rendering.
      Composition Team: Putting together the Final Images.
      3D Team: Digital Modelling, Texture, and 3D Animation
    • Interactive Contents Division 사업부
      Augmented Reality Real-time Solution
    • VR Division 사업부
      HMD based VR Contents work

Road On Ahead

Road ahead for Macrograph – Realizing Creative Dreams

VFX for Feature Films
– Providing an exciting alternative for international feature film productions looking for feature quality VFX.
– Comprehensive 2D and 3D CGI production from concept to finish, including digital characters and high level dynamic effects

VFX for TV Commercials
– High quality VFX to match the needs of any and every creative.
– Comprehensive 2D and 3D CGI production from concept to finish, including digital characters and high level dynamic effects

Full 3D Animation Features and TV Series
– Full 3D animation Features and TV Series Production
– Story and Art Development

Interactive Contents
– On- Line Game Concepts and Look developments
– Game Asset & Art Developments

VR Contents
– Google ‘Cardboard’ based VR Contents
– Mobile device based VR visual works
– High Performance – HMD based VR solution